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So you want a motorcycle, you love the idea of freedom it brings, the lack of constraints, the speed. But all of this comes at a price, and with rising cost of living, a good bike can burn a big hole in your pocket. Getting a second-hand bike is of course an option. This lets you get your hands on a motorcycle without shelling out a premium, and you can then do up your beauty to your own taste. The best and often the cheapest thing to do for a used bike is to get yourself to a repo motorcycles auction

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But not just any auction. The best deals are to be had at government seized and repo motorcycles auctions, where law-keeping agencies dispose of bikes that have been seized from owners involved in unlawful activity. These auctions are held in different parts of the country depending on the yearly, monthly, or weekly schedules set according to the accumulation of seized and repo motorcycles in a particular area. The deals are cheap because the government agency got the bikes for free, and its only interest is to get whatever price possible in order to free its warehouse area, and get some cash for its budget.

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If you are lucky you could really zero in on a prized model and get it for a few hundred dollars from an auction in your locality. The idea is to keep your eyes and ears open and figure out when and where the auctions take place. Any one can bid during these auctions, and with judicious bidding you can make a killing, just as in any other type of auction.

Before setting off to an auction, be sure to have a plan on what you want, and how much you would be willing to spend on it. This will save you time and brings you the focus you need to bid. If you do not know enough about bikes yourself, take along somebody who does, so you know you are getting the right deal. You may like to travel around a bit, making it a point to visit all the auctions within a given radius, till you get what you want at the price you want. Remember, the idea is to bid low, and find yourself a real gem dirt cheap.

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